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the Beauty of Happiness

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At Lancôme, we believe that happiness is the most attractive form of beauty.


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As a Lancôme ambassador, Lupita Nyong’o is a stunning representation of beauty in all its guises. Her talent, strength of character and elegance are truly inspiring. Check out the products and wellbeing tips that put a smile on her face.


Lancôme and Lupita share a passion for promoting happiness and encouraging women to find happiness within themselves as well as in the world around them. Share a happy moment with Lupita by checking out what happened when she sat down with British Vogue and answered questions from young women from around the UK.


We believe in encouraging confidence and working to brighten the prospects of young women from diverse backgrounds. Learn about Lupita’s involvement in Lancôme’s Words for Work programme.

HAPPINESS: Letters to Lupita

British Vogue sat down with Oscar-winning actress and Lancôme ambassador, Lupita Nyong’o as she dived into her mailbag to answer questions from young women (and some precocious tots) from around the UK. Lupita shared her take on confidence building, self-expression, empowerment and celebrating diversity, which all have a role to play in helping her feel happy.

LANCÔME | Letters to Lupita with British Vogue

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And on days when Lupita feels the need for a little uplift, she depends on mediation.

“It’s super helpful to me. I think it’s quite important to accept your every emotion. All too often we shun the negative emotions we’re feeling, because we’re part of a culture that’s about fighting it and getting over it and never really facing it. That’s what we do in order for the emotions to pass quicker. But sometimes when you resist how you feel, those feelings last longer than if you just accept that that’s how you feel,”



“My hope is that programmes such as ‘Words for Work’ will help give young women the opportunity and confidence to share their voices.”


Lupita is a champion of the Words for Work literacy programme, which aims to boost the employment prospects of young women from diverse backgrounds by improving their communication and leadership skills and bolstering their confidence. A partnership between Lancôme and the National Literacy Trust, Words for Work aims to inspire young women to strive for a better future.

Find out what happened when Lupita spoke with students from London’s Harris Academies.

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