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Move over minimalist lockdown beauty, glitzier looks are ready to make a comeback! Lisa Eldridge, Lancôme’s Global Director of Makeup, is gearing up for brighter days – and more dazzling beauty looks – ahead!

We caught up with Lisa before the EE BAFTA awards to get her take on what we can look forward to on the beauty front over the coming months.

It’s EE BAFTA time! And while the ceremony will have a new format this year, we’re still loving the beauty buzz around the awards. Do you get the sense that people are ready to shrug off their loungewear and get glamorous?

100%! There’s definitely a sense of optimism in the air and I have a strong feeling that we’re about to head into the roaring 20s again - things usually happen in cycles, and if you look to the end of the last pandemic in 1918, people felt the need for self-expression, fun and creativity to help them let off steam. While we’re not out of the darkness yet, there does, finally, seem to be a sense of light at the end of the tunnel, and what better time to step out of your loungewear than for EE BAFTAs night?

How will you be approaching beauty for the awards this year?

My signature “à la Eldridge” look forms the basis of most of my makeup looks. It’s really about enhancing natural beauty, foundation just where you need it to even and unify; pinpoint concealing (one of my most asked-about makeup techniques); a flush of blush, curled lashes and a natural lip. It’s all about thin layers, buffed and blended so your entire makeup is in complete synergy.


EE BAFTA nominees will be dialing in to accept their awards. We’re also still connecting with friends and family via video calls. How do you approach creating a makeup look that appears great on screen?

No matter how good your makeup is, getting the lighting right is the number one most important thing. My tip is to have a pre-video call practise, to find where the light looks good. Makeup-wise, mascara, eyelash curlers and concealer are my three video call essentials that will instantly brighten up your face and help to erase any tiredness. A sweep of pink blush is also miraculous for whitening the whites of your eyes and helping you look alert and attentive.


Makeup may have taken a back seat for many of us since we’ve been at home for such a long time. Do you have any tips for those who are a little out of practice?

The most important thing to remember is that makeup is FUN, so don’t put pressure on it. Concealer is my secret weapon for even, flawless skin. If you have pigmentation, redness or unevenness that you want to conceal, don’t mask your face in foundation, concealer is all you need. Then blush; there’s nothing like it for instantly brightening your skin. And of course, mascara; mascara and eyelash curlers are two of makeup’s biggest “face changers”. A quick curl and two coats of mascara takes seconds, but it makes the biggest difference to your face.

What are your go-to products for dialling up a makeup look from casual to glamorous quickly?

For eyes, I love applying a black liquid liner right into the roots of the lashes, extending to a fine wing. My trick is to then press a black or dark grey powder eye shadow along the line (once the shape is right and the liquid is dry) with a small brush. This smokes it gorgeously, without taking away any of the punchiness. It’s a trick I use for the red carpet a lot as it photographs beautifully. And, of course, the quickest way to go from natural to impactful is with a red lip. Red is the OG makeup colour and red lipstick in particular symbolises sass, defiance, femininity, power and vitality to me.

We love the escapism of makeup. Do you find that makeup helps you to lighten your mood?

Applying and talking about makeup is essential for my soul. It’s meditative and helps me to feel relaxed, but there’s also an element of warpaint to it; having makeup on makes me feel better, even if I’m just at home. There’s such a strong connection between how you look and how you feel, and that’s the wonderful thing about makeup, never underestimate its power to boost your face, and your mood!

Do you practice self-care at home?

Although my routine hasn’t changed a lot over lockdown, it’s been nice to have more time, especially for skin care. I’m really into at-home facials, and I’ve loved delving into my epic travel toiletry bag (as it's not getting any use right now), and have been making the most of being at home to start new routines, like using a lash serum daily.

Hopefully, many of us will have opportunities to see friends and family in person soon. We’ll want to look our best. Do you have any makeup advice in advance of such significant moments?

A lot of people will want to make an effort with their makeup but you should just do whatever feels right for YOU. Personally, I’ll be opting for a classic “à la Eldridge,” glowy, feel-good makeup look for lunches with friends or a date-night dinner. Subtly highlighted skin, a flush of pink blush, curled lashes and a natural pop of colour on lips. But when I can go to my first big party… who knows?! The glitter and rainbow shadows might be out!



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