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Does anyone actually have bad skin on Instagram? It’s enough to leave you green with envy when you see that same unblemished complexion in every post-workout pic, especially if you’re dealing with oily skin that refuses to let your foundation and makeup stay still.

Since everyone migrated to Zoom in the wake of national lockdowns, it’s no surprise that we’re all a little more insecure about our skincare and beauty routines. After all, those other glamorous, disembodied heads on the call can see exactly what we look like, too!

Are these beautiful sirens of the selfie just naturally graced with perfect skin or is there something more going on behind the scenes? The truth is the only difference between you and them is that they’ve found products that work for their skin type. So, if you’re looking for foundation for oily skin, you’re in luck. We’re going to show you everything you need to get that matte, velvet look with zero effort.

What makes a good foundation for oily skin?

Before you understand which products to choose, you’ve first got to understand what you’re dealing with. Oily skin can be a source of concern, particularly since it can cause your foundation to slide over the course of the day or your pores can get clogged, leading to some unsightly pimples the next day. In some instances, the natural oils in your skin can even degrade and break down lower quality makeup, so before you buy, it’s a good idea to find a product that’s going to work.

If you need a foundation for oily skin, you should keep in mind the following tips:

- It should be a long-lasting formula designed to stay on even if skin becomes greasy.- Look for ingredients designed to mattify skin as these will help to minimise shine. It should allow your skin to breathe.- Luminous foundations will only add extra shine to your face so avoid these types. matte foundation for oily skin will always be the best option.

Why does matte foundation work so well on oily skin?

To eliminate shine, matte foundations have ingredients designed to effectively absorb any oil from your face, so your makeup will stay put without any dramas. Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation from Lancôme uses oil-absorbing ingredients like pearlite and silica to lockdown any shine, and has a long-lasting, breathable formula so you can start your day with confidence. It’s our best liquid foundation for oily skin because it provides total coverage without feeling clumpy or cakey, and most importantly, feels comfortable all-day long without any need for extra touch ups later in the afternoon. If your current foundation is letting you down and making you anxiously check your makeup every five minutes, the 24-hour coverage of Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation could be a real lifesaver. Another common issue with oily skin is visible pores and anyone with this problem knows that the struggle is real when it comes to covering them up. Again, this is where you’re going to see results with a matte foundation. Unlike luminous or dewy foundations which will pick up every tiny contour of your face, a matte foundation like Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation will smooth and even out your complexion so it won’t draw attention to any large pores or blemishes. Add into the mix that this Lancôme foundation comes in 45 different shades and you’ve got a solution for just about everyone.

How to prepare oily skin before adding foundation

To get the most out of your foundation, it’s all about prepping your skin beforehand to produce the best results, and believe us, you will see a difference. Before you start adding any foundation, make sure that your skin is primed (literally) and ready to go:

1. Cleanse & exfoliate your face

This helps to get rid of any dead skin cells and excess oil. Just make sure to choose a product that’s designed for oily skin. Some cleansers can be quite aggressive in stripping the oil from your face which can actually trigger your skin to produce more.

2. Hydrate & moisturise

To stop your skin going into overdrive and becoming an oil slick again, it’s important to make sure it’s well hydrated. Again, look for products formulated to work with oily skin. Usually these will be water-based moisturisers that keep your skin soft while also letting it breathe.

3. Add primer

A lightweight primer is going to make a huge difference when it comes to making your foundation last because it provides a smooth base that keeps everything in place. You don’t need to go crazy with it – a thin, even layer is all that’s needed.

Then finally, all you need to do is add your Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation. Ready for that radiant, airbrushed look? Get started with Lancôme and find your perfect foundation match.


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