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Facialist and skincare expert Michaella Bolder has worked with stars of stage and screen, as well as a slew of glossy magazines. She’s the facialist celebrities call when they need a gorgeous glow for a major red-carpet event! As part of the Lancôme Skin Science Club, Michaella shares tips and tricks to make at-home treatment routines effortless and effective. Check out her favourite serum application techniques here and learn why she recommends Advanced Génifique Serum to her clients! 

Just what is a serum and why do you recommend using one?

A serum’s active ingredients are carried in a lipid-soluble base so they carry potent actives into the epidermis rather than sitting on skin. This helps to tackle a range of issues, including the appearance of ageing, fine lines, hydration and daily maintenance. Your skin, like your body, needs to be fed and hydrated every day. Having a good skincare routine is like providing your body with a healthy diet. I recommend my clients invest in a serum.

How do you incorporate a serum into your skincare routine?

It’s important for skin to be clean first, so cleanse first or double cleanse if you’ve been wearing makeup or SPF. Apply serum when your skin is slightly damp after you’ve removed your cleanser. With Advanced Génifique Serum, the pipette measures the amount for you. Pour it into the palm of your hand and, using two fingers, tap and sweep it all over the face without taking it all the way to the hairline. Do this morning and evening. 

At what life stage should a person start using a serum?

From age 20 you should incorporate Advanced Génifique Serum as a staple product that’s going to effortlessly care for your skin’s microbiome. Layering serums is one of the things I do in clinic and I recommend to my clients. We all have skin concerns; our skin changes throughout the year because of medication we’re taking, the weather or if we’re travelling, for example. My base serum is always Advanced Génifique Serum and I layer other serums on top. Advanced Génifique Serum settles beautifully on skin and absorbs effortlessly. 

“Having a good skincare routine is like providing your body with a healthy diet.” 

What makes Génifique so special?

The effect it has on skin’s microbiome. We have very different microbiomes; we are all born with our own. With seven prebiotic- and probiotic-derived extracts, Advanced Génifique Serum cares for our natural microbiome, supporting it and keeping it healthy. Meanwhile, Hyaluronic Acid provides moisture and plumps the skin. A damaged microbiome will manifest as irritation, redness, inflamed skin, uneven skin tone and texture, as well as dry areas. For me, Advanced Génifique Serum is the holy grail of skincare as it helps repair a damaged microbiome while rebalancing and nurturing skin. 

Do you have any tips for getting the most out of Advanced Génifique Serum? 

I am obsessed with facial massage. When I massage my face, I use firm pressure during my cleanse. I use my knuckles and fingertips to get a pink flush going, which improves blood circulation, awakens skin and helps remove toxins. With five minutes of facial massage using firm pressure morning and evening during your cleanse, your face is ready for the serum stage. If your skin needs it, use a second pipette of Advanced Génifique Serum. Don’t be afraid to layer. Press the product into your skin, allow it to absorb and wait a few moments before layering your next serum, if you’re using one. ​​​

Do you change how you use Génifique based on the time of the year?

It’s a year-round product. I add in and take away products from my routine throughout year. In winter and after holidays, I tend to double dose with Advanced Génifique Serum because skin is more dehydrated. 

Do you have any tips for creating an at-home DIY facial?

Always have your products out. Lots of my clients put their products away in boxes and forget to include them in their routines. Incorporate massage when you can, ensuring you have enough slip with your cleanser to massage for two to five minutes to get circulation going. Work on tension points and contours using confident firm pressure. Apply Advanced Génifique Serum while skin is still damp after cleansing as it helps to deliver the serum and improves penetration. 

“With five minutes of facial massage using firm pressure morning and evening during your cleanse,

 your face is ready for the serum stage.” 

What is your ideal skincare routine? 

A simple routine involves a cleanser followed by an essence or toner, then Advanced Génifique Serum, then a moisturiser followed by an SPF. In the evening, use a cleanser, an exfoliating product once or twice a week, then Advanced Génifique Serum and a facial oil followed by a night cream. I recommend Advanced Génifique Serum to all of my clients. 



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