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Frame your face and groom errant hairs with eyebrow makeup, from defining brow shapers to brow filling pencils made to create a fluffy effect. Long-wearing and non-budging, this collection of eyebrow makeup is the perfect finishing touch.



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1 product
Brow Define Pencil

Brôw Define Pencil

Precision defining pencil

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Eyebrows FAQs

We guide you through the intricacies of eyebrow makeup.

How to use an eyebrow pencil?

For beautifully defined brows take our Brôw Define Pencil and use the spoolie to brush hairs upwards and outwards until you're happy with the shape. Next, take the brow pencil end, adjust the retractable tip and gently fill in any sparse areas. Then lightly go over the whole brow to achieve a uniform colour.

What is the best eyebrow pencil?

The best eyebrow pencil is the one that suits your needs the best. Choose our Brôw Define Pencil if you want definition and sharp but natural looking brows. For a softer, more blendable finish try our Brôw Shaping Powdery Pencil.

What colour eyebrow pencil should I use?

For a natural soft eyebrow, choose an eyebrow pencil in a shade lighter or similar to your hair colour. For a more dramatic and defined eyebrow, choose an eyebrow pencil that matches or is slightly darker than your hair colour.

How to apply eyebrow pencil to thin eyebrows?

Choose your eyebrow pencil, then use the spoolie end to brush hairs upwards and outwards. Next, take the pencil end and define the shape by gently filling in any sparse areas until you have a nice arch. Then lightly go over the whole brow to achieve a uniform colour and a defined shape.

How to make eyebrow pencil stay on?

The key to ensuring long lasting eyebrow pencil is to ensure the area is dry and free from any skincare residue before you apply your pencil. Give your eye cream plenty of time to sink in before applying your eyebrow pencil, otherwise it will be harder to apply and won't be long lasting. You can also set your eyebrow pencil with a makeup fixing spray.

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