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How to Apply Liquid Foundation

Foundation is a staple of almost everyone’s makeup routine. Giving us an even complexion and covering imperfections, it’s no surprise that so many of us use it each day.  

There are lots of different types of foundation on the market, but two of the most widely used are liquid foundation and powder foundation. But how do you apply liquid foundation? Is it all that different from powder foundation, for example?  

Here, we’ll take a look at how to apply foundation with a sponge, a brush, and your fingers – as well as introduce our best-selling liquid foundation. Read on for all you need to know.   

How to apply liquid foundation with a beauty sponge 

First of all, you should wet your sponge, as this will help with even coverage. In addition, it will allow the sponge to absorb the foundation more effectively. To do so, just run the sponge under the tap for a few seconds to saturate it, wringing out any excess water before you begin. This way, you’ll get a more natural finish, but the sponge won’t be soaking up too much excess foundation.  

You may want to use a tear-shaped sponge, as this will allow you to work with the shape to get into corners, like those around your eyes and nose.  

Get some liquid foundation onto the sponge – you may want to put some foundation onto the back of your hand so that it’s easy for the sponge to dip into – and then dab it onto your face. Dabbing or bouncing the sponge is best, as you’ll get a more seamless finish with the product melting into your skin.  

How to apply foundation with a brush 

If you decide to use a brush, it’s best to use one with synthetic fibres, as this can help to apply the foundation in a streak-free manner. Natural bristles are more porous and can absorb some of the foundation, so thin, synthetic bristles are best. A brush that’s not too big nor too small is ideal, as it will allow for control but at the same time cover a greater area at once.  

Liquid foundation can often be better for a brush than other types of foundation, because thicker foundations can be streakier. For seamless blending, use a stippling brush with a stippling technique – these brushes give a lighter finish, and can even help your makeup last longer. Take a look at our range of makeup brushes and makeup tools, for a flawless finish. 

How to apply foundation with fingers 

You might want to apply your liquid foundation with your fingers. This warms it up and can offer a more natural-looking finish.  

Of course, you should make sure that your fingers and hands are clean before you apply the foundation. Once they’re dry, get some of the product on the back of your hand and dip your fingers in, spreading the product around. Begin with the T-zone, and gradually blend out.  

Liquid foundation can sometimes be tricky to apply with your fingers. Full coverage liquid foundation in particular can be harder to manage, as it’s thicker, but if you’re after a more natural look or you don’t have a brush or sponge to hand, it might be what you decide on.

Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation

Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation

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Our best-selling liquid foundation 

If you’re looking for a liquid foundation to use, try our Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation. It offers 24 hours of wear and comfort and is available in 45 shades so that you can find the right foundation for your skin tone.  

While providing full coverage, our liquid foundation doesn’t feel cakey – instead, it leaves your skin comfortable all day. It’s transfer-free and smudge-free too, so you can go about your day safe in the knowledge that your foundation looks great.

Our liquid foundation contains eternalsoft polymer, which allows increased comfort level with ultra-long wear, as well as NAI pigments, which are specially coated pigments that maintain a consistent pH level in your skin. Perlite and silica, two of the most effective oil-absorbing ingredients, are also in our foundation. Simply apply after you’ve used primer, blending from the centre of the face outwards. 

Discover our full range of foundations, to find a finish perfectly suited for your skin. 

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