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How to Apply Winged Liner for Different Eye Shapes

Winged eyeliner is a look that has stood the test of time. As popular for everyday wear as it is for a night out, this seemingly simple style is a staple in many repertoires.  

But not all winged styles are made equal and some shapes will bring out your natural eye shape better than others. To help you perfect you own winged eyeliner look, we’ve put together a brief guide to how to apply eyeliner for different eye shapes – as well as how to find your shape in the first place!  

How to do winged eyeliner 

Winged eyeliner is characterised by the corner flick, which can take some practice to master properly. It’s typically only applied to the top lid and can vary in thickness along the lash line.  

One of the most important elements is finding the right eyeliner to work with. While some people like the bold impact of liquid or gel liners, many find it easier to work in pencil, which gives a softer finish. You can also create your outline in pencil and finish the look with liquid for a little extra pop. Whichever you pick, having a cotton swab and a little makeup remover or petroleum jelly on hand to fix any unwanted smudges is always a good idea. 

Once you’ve picked the perfect instrument, make sure you’re choosing a look that compliments your natural eye shape. If you don’t already know what your eye shape is, now’s the perfect time to head to the nearest mirror and use our easy guide to figure out which category best describes you.

Winged eyeliner for round eyes 

If you can see both the crease in your upper eyelid and the whites of your eyes below your iris (the coloured part of your eyeballs), you probably have round-shaped eyes. You can emphasise your eyes while creating the illusion of increased width by starting your liner halfway across your lash line and flicking at the outer corner. 

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Winged eyeliner for monolid eyes 

Look in the mirror with both your eyes open and look to see if you have a visible crease at the top of your eyelid. If not, it’s likely you have monolid eyes. 

To create winged eyeliner that suits your eye shape, create a thick, smudged line along the top of the lash line using a kohl pencil. When you reach the corner, flick upwards and outwards. This can help you get maximum impact and give a cat-like effect. Try our Crayon Khôl eyeliner pencil, designed with a razor sharp pencil to offer precise application in one swipe. 

Winged eyeliner for hooded eyes  

If you do have a crease in your upper eyelid but it’s hard to spot or hidden behind the skin above it, it’s likely you have hooded eyes. To create your winged eyeliner, go for a thick and elongated wing. This will help make sure your eyeliner isn’t hidden. Use pencil if you prefer or go for liquid eyeliner if you want a more dramatic effect. Try our Khôl Hypnôse Waterproof eyeliner for a bold and smudge-proof look that’ll last all day.

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Winged eyeliner for almond eyes 

If you can’t see the whites of your eyes below your iris, this suggests you have almond eyes. You can make your eyes look bigger while making the most of your natural shape by starting with a thin line at the inner corners and gradually drawing it thicker as you reach the outer corners. Using dark liner along the waterline can make your eyes look smaller, while white liner can have the opposite effect. Try our Artliner liquid eyeliner, designed a with a foam tip for precise application and a rich colour pigment that makes your eye look last. 

Winged eyeliner for downturned eyes 

If the outer corner of your eyes appears to sit lower than the inner corner (i.e., the corner closest to your nose), you may have downturned eyes. You can give your eyes an instant jolt of life by drawing your flick with a little more emphasis. Aim for a 45-degree angle as you reach the outer corners, making the most of the winged effect. 

Excited to get started on your winged eyeliner look? Check out our full range of eye pencils, gels and liquid liners to find everything you need.

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