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How to Get Hydrated Skin

Looking for dewy skin but dealing with dryness instead? We’ve put together a quick guide on how to hydrate your skin, starting with our top hydrating cleansers and toners and including our top tips for maintaining hydrated skin through everyday habits. 

Look for moisture-attracting ingredients 

When it comes to promoting healthy and hydrated skin, not all skincare is created equal. Certain ingredients, known collectively as humectants, are specifically chosen because they draw moisture from the dermis (deeper layer of your skin) – or even the air – to the top layer of your skin, helping it stay hydrated and reduce dryness and cracking. Some well-known humectants include hyaluronic acid and glycerine, which are favourites in restorative skincare. Many people don’t realise that honey also falls into this category!

Galatée Confort

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Start out with a hydrating cleanser  

It’s important to factor hydration into your skincare routine as early as possible, so starting off with a hydrating cleanser is perfect. While cleansers help remove make-up and unwanted impurities, choosing a hydrating formula can ensure your skin isn’t also losing its moisture. 

Our Galatée Confort cleansing milk is specially formulated for dry skin, enriched with honey, almond extract, cereals, yeast and milk proteins. These proteins help improve your skin’s moisture retention while emollient almond extract is great at locking in moisture. 

Tonique Douceur

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Try a hydrating toner  

Toning is all about refreshing your skin, so making sure you choose a hydrating toner that will maintain that all-important moisture is essential.  

Our Tonique Douceur is alcohol-free and made for normal to combination skin. The soothing lotion is made with rose water, which is a natural hydrator that helps to refresh and rejuvenate your skin while refining the texture and gently toning. Make it part of your everyday routine to get maximum benefits. 

Tonique Douceur

Old price €56.00 New price €44.80
Advanced Genifique Serum

Advanced Génifique Serum

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Add another layer of moisture with a hydrating serum   

Take your skincare routine to the next level with a hydrating serum after your toner. Serums are more concentrated products that are designed with specific targets in mind. A hydrating serum will be rich in moisture-promoting ingredients to give an extra boost to your skin. 

Our Advanced Genifique Serum has been developed after 20 years of research to suit all skin types. A key ingredient is hyaluronic acid – one of those hydrating humectants that helps draw moisture to your skin’s top layer.

Hydra Zen Day Cream-Gel For Dry Skin

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Lock in moisture with a hydrating face cream 

Finish your daily skincare routine with a hydrating face cream that can help lock in moisture and provide additional protection throughout the day. Look for long-lasting creams that can be used daily to provide maximum coverage and skin support. 

Our Hydra Zen Day Cream boasts a cream-to-gel formula that provides up to 24 hours of fresh hydration. It’s been enriched with intensely hydrating rose, peony root and moringa seed extracts. 

Hydra Zen Day Cream-Gel For Dry Skin

Old price €58.00 New price €46.40

Indulge in a weekly moisturising mask 

As well as finding a daily routine that supports your skin’s hydration, you can add extras throughout the week that give you a boost when you need it most. A weekly moisturising mask is a great way to relieve your skin of the stressors of the week and add more intense hydration. 

Our Hydra Zen Jelly Mask helps restore your skin overnight with instantly moisturising and nourishing extracts of moringa seed and peony root. It also includes humectant hyaluronic acid and rose water to leave your skin feeling fresh, glowing and dewy.

Top tips for hydrated skin 

Finding your skincare routine is important but there are also other actions you can take to support natural hydration.  

• Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. This ensures that your body supports healthy blood flow which carries important nutrients to your skin.  

• Avoid over-washing your face. It might seem counterintuitive but splashing too much water on your face can actually dry it out, as the water takes your skin’s natural oils with it when it evaporates. Try to stick to morning and night in your regular routine. 

• Use cool or lukewarm water when washing as hot water can dry out your skin – especially If you’re already prone to dryness or itching. Hot water is more likely to strip your skin’s natural fats and oils, leaving your complexion feeling dehydrated. 

• Invest in a satin pillowcase. Compared to cotton cases, satin cases don’t pull as much moisture out of your skin while you sleep so your skincare products remain on your skin for longer. 

Ready to get started? Check out our full range of hydrating skincare essentials to improve your everyday routine! 


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