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Different mascara wands
and what they do

While formula is a big part of how and why a mascara works, the shape of your mascara wand can affect the way you apply your mascara and the overall, final lash finish. Different mascara wand types are often more suited to particular lashes for example sparse lashes will usually respond better to thicker wand, whereas straight lashes prefer a curved shape. In this article you'll discover all the different types of Lancôme mascara wand and find the one that's right for your needs and lashes. 

Types of Mascara Wands 

The Skinny Mascara Wand 

Définicils mascara has a slim, slightly tapered wand that provides lash separation, shapes and defines to create longer-looking lashes from base to tip without clumping. The grooved bristles on the patented brush evenly distribute mascara along the entire lash from root to tip. Separates the look of eyelashes for a natural-looking, even finish every time. Ideal for those who have naturally long or thick lashes – the skinny wand evenly coats every single lash, defining and separating without too much volume. 

The Hourglass Mascara Wand 

So named because of its resemblance to an hourglass, you’ll find this shapely brush in our bestselling Hypnôse Mascara. The wand has a slightly wider middle and tapered ends; the middle section will boost lash volume, while the slimmer ends define and separate every lash. This wand works well on sparse lashes and creates a dramatic look by boosting volume. The hourglass shape helps to evenly distribute the mascara, ensuring that each lash is defined and coated from root to tip. This brush works for all lash types and is especially good if you’re looking to build volume. 

The Curved Mascara Wand 

This wand is shaped with a curve, to follow the natural shape of the eye. Lash Idôle Mascara has a signature arch-curved elastomer brush which pushes up and fans out lashes for an open eye effect while its 360 micro-bristles grab every lash. This 360 micro-bristle brush has two sides to help you hit your lash goals - the curved side of the brush works to instantly volumise lashes, while the rounded side creates an instant lift. This wand is good for those who have straighter lashes and shorter lashes as the curved brush helps to create curl and lift lashes upwards.

The Fluffy Mascara Wand 

Monsieur Big Mascara has a big soft brush with bristles made of soft fibers which hug your lashes and coats each one smoothly in mascara, when you want voluminous lashes these dense bristles are what you need. The big, fluffy brush creates great volume by separating and lifting each lash and creating a feathery, full finish. Ideal for those with lots of lashes as it grabs every one, it’s also good for creating volume in sparse lashes as it builds and coats lashes from root to tip. 

The Cone Shaped Mascara Wand 

If you’re looking for a wide-eyed look then Hypnôse Doll Eyes with its cone shaped wand could be the one. This wand helps to extend and lift lashes while the tapered brush means you can reach the smallest lashes in the inner corner of the eye. Meanwhile, the thicker end of the wand coats the outer lashes for a cat-eye effect. Ideal for those with deep set eyes looking to grab each and every lash and coat lashes from outer corners right the way across the lash line. 

The Swan-Neck™ Mascara Wand 

Grandiôse with its new shaped, patent pending mascara wand creates open, full and evenly coated lashes. The angled S shape wand fans out lashes from edge to edge and creates a spectacular wide-angle fan effect. The wand shape mimics the contours of the face meaning it is even easier to apply mascara without hitting your cheekbones or nose. This unique mascara brush suits all eye shapes and grabs lashes from the root to create length and definition. 

While there are many different mascara wand types, when it comes to mascara application, applying with a zig zag motion is usually the best technique. It helps to ensure every side of the eyelashes are coated and get the mascara formula through every lash. 

Each mascara formula and type of wand will give different lash results, so one day you might want to use an oversized mascara wand like Monsieur Big Mascara for big volume. Another day might call for definition and precise application, in which case Définicils Mascara would be a good choice. We suggest building a mascara wardrobe with a few different brushes to hand so you can go from curly lashes to separate lashes and back to dramatic lashes whenever you fancy. 


Can the shape of a mascara wand really make a difference in how my lashes look?  

Yes, different mascara wands are designed to do different things to your lashes, so it'a good idea to have a selection of different types like the hourglass mascara wand Hypnôse Mascara and the skinny wand Définicils Mascara. Hypnôse Mascara creates great volume, while Définicils Mascara has a skinny wand that coats each lash for definition and length. 

What mascara wand is best for volume and length? 

Hypnôse Drama Mascara has a curvaceous super-sized brush that coats every lash for high volume and thicker, longer looking lashes. 

Which type of mascara wand is best for short lashes? 

Try our patent-pending swan-neck™ mascara wand in Grandiôse mascara. The angled S shape wand fans out lashes from edge to edge and creates a spectacular wide-angle fan effect. It helps to boost short lashes by lifting and fanning and coating in mascara. 

Can I use a curved wand if I have straight lashes? 

Absolutely! A curved wand such as Lash Idôle Mascara has a signature arch-curved elastomer brush which pushes up and fans out even straight lashes for an open eye effect while its 360 micro-bristles grab every lash. You could also try Le 8 Hypnôse Mascara with its hourglass brush that helps to add a curve to the middle section of the lashes. 

Is it necessary to use a mascara primer before applying mascara? 

It's not necessary, but a mascara primer like our Cils Booster XL will help to leave eyelashes looking longer, curvier and thicker. Apply from the lash base to the tip, working the brush in a zig zag motion and follow with your favourite Lancôme mascara. 

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